Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dot_mine Dingaling

This year's calendar makes my fifth.  I am so thankful to my friend Susan for introducing me to the dot_mine world - seriously thankful.

But now it seems I have been a schmuck these past four years.  There is a super section in the back for phone numbers.  Every year I have recopied the numbers from the previous year.  This is no small task.  There are 10 doctors listed and that's not including the two dentists I also have written in.

Amy in Chicago, a friend and former roommate, sent a message on Facebook to ask me some questions about why I love this calendar and I wrote back my answer.  She ran out and bought a calendar and then wrote to ask if I recopied the phone numbers every year or just typed a document I could update as needed and stapled it into my calendar!!!   SERIOUSLY? What a great idea, Amy.

So, after four years of lovin' the dot_mine - I am LOVIN' my phone list.  AND it's got a touch of cutesy on it!
Thanks, Amy.  I love you and I owe you one!

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zellner said...

too funny! I rewrite it every year too. Hope you enjoy your new year of our calendar :)