Monday, August 23, 2010

The Cahokia Mounds

Our sweet friend, Linda, did it again.  Last week she took TWO of the kids on an outing and showed them new and adventurous things.  We love Aunt Linda!

The funny thing is where she chose to take them - the Cahokia Mounds.  It's an old Indian site and when she told me it was Archaeology Day I thought she had lost her mind.  I just couldn't see my kids getting into that.  Score? Linda - 1  Mom - 0  They had a ball.

There was coloring of necklaces with feathers.

They learned how to "hunt" and throw spears (nice, Linda).

They were given a bag of artifacts to clean.  This was Little's favorite part.  (Bubba loved story time.)

There was so much to do that they never made it to climb up the mounds.  I think that's probably okay . . . and leaves something for another time. 

They got home at 6:00PM with McDonalds in hand and I can honestly say I haven't heard that much of a report from ANY outing my children have ever been on.  What a joy.

Thank you, Aunt Linda.  Thank you!

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annaj said...

Great pictures! So glad she remembers the camera when she takes your kids out!