Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's 9:11PM on Wednesday night.

I was going to start writing this at 9:05 pm and I was going to tell  you that today was what I would call a "bookend day".

Bookend #1: Little standing with her backpack.
Today was the second day of school for Little and Bubba and the second day I have ever driven car pool at Mason Ridge.  Little and I have walked the hall to her classroom twice, it's a straight shot to the very last room, and I was wondering if she would want me to drop her off and let her walk by herself.  I asked her.

Funny.  Funny that I would chose to ask her if she knew how to get to her class and then believe her when she answered, "Of course I do."  Funny that I would review how to get there and smile when she said, "That's what I said, Mom."  Funny that I would tell her, flippantly, that if she needed help she could always ask a teacher.  It's funny because I think I really expected her to jump out of the van and scurry into the school like a "normal" kiddo.

She didn't.
It wasn't funny.

Little got out of the van and stood and looked at me.  I waved at her and the principal called her over and pointed to the door.  I pulled the van up and out of traffic's way so that I could keep an eye on my baby.  It took 2 seconds of watching her stand in the parking lot looking around - clueless - and I was out of that van and ready to dash.  Just as I lifted my foot to GO, a girl from Little's class last year walked up and took her arm and walked with her inside.  I cannot tell you the emotions running through me as I fell back into my car seat.

I called Little's teacher's room and left a message for her to call me and PLEASE let me know that Little found her way.  (I never did hear from her.)  Then I came home, called my mom, and cried for over half an hour.  Draining.

* Open House at Bubba's new school.  We went and I loved what I saw.  He is going to have SPANISH for heaven's sake.  I am thrilled about his teacher, the other children in his class - it all seems wonderful.
* Lunch with Bubba and KB - uneventful and nice.
*Pow Wow - Met with Bubba's teacher to discuss his "divine design"
*Quiet - Bubba went to school and KB went to room time.
*Home Again - Children arrived home from school.  Little and Bubba took turns setting the timer and playing games on the computer while KB and I went outside.  KB rode her "bike" all around the yard and I took pictures.

Bookend #2: KB dressed as a Mouseketeer Ballerina on a Bike.
While KB and I were outside I heard Little start to scream and Bubba was crying and so I went inside to check on them.  I was gone mere moments.

We live on a BUSY road and so I took a quick peek out the window to check on KB and couldn't see her anywhere.  I dropped Bub's shoes and took off running.  As I exited the house I noticed cars stopped on Mason and heard a man yelling out his window and making gestures as he then SPED off.  I still couldn't see KB so I screamed. 

There she was - in Mr. Meyers' driveway - bawling.  She jumped up and ran faster than I've seen her run and jumped into my arms.  She was crying harder than I've seen and shaking and I was horrified/terrified.  I finally got this info out of her: she had been in the road.  the man yelled at her.  the man told her to "Go Home".  Mommy (that's me) suffered a mild stroke.

I went to get her bike and it was at the top of the driveway.  After a couple hours to cool down and think, I don't think she was out on Mason but I think she was parked at the top of the driveway VERY close to the road (she calls the driveway the road too).  The man wasn't being ugly but was trying to help and just scared her to death.  I'm a little grateful to him for that, but also felt a little like scratching his eyes out.

I asked KB to tell her daddy about it over dinner and she couldn't finish because her lip began to quiver so badly.  Maybe I could get one of you guys to drive by and yell, "OBEY YOUR MOM!!!!" out your window and wave your arms around at her.  Hmmmm.

So, I was all prepared to write about these bookends to my day when 9:05 pm rolled around and then the phone rang.  Honey answered right away because no one calls us that late, and it turned out to be Little's OT.  (Occupational Therapist)  I said hello and heard a woman yell, "WHAT did you to with Little over the summer!!!!!" I started giggling as she added, "She's writing!!!!"

I continued to listen as she told me about the 10 min. she spent with Little today, she had just dropped by to do some scheduling, and my heart sang listening to her amazement and obvious joy over Little's progress.  I hung up the phone and just sat on the couch and cried.

God did it again.

Just when I get to the point where I am battling to trust Him.  Straining to see that He is good.  Wallowing in pity.  Just then I get a phone call and hear a reminder about His faithfulness; a testimony to his mercies. 

Then I think of Lamentations 3:22-23, "The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness."

Now THAT's a set of bookends I can live with.


Debbie said...

I am in tears. What a testimony of God's goodness! Thank you for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! OH NO! Yeah! OH NO! and to finish it off - Yes God is good! aw

Marcie said...

Wow! So sorry for your tears and so thankful for our Lord. Thanks for posting this. Let's talk soon.

Julia said...

That was no bookend that was a War & Peace kinda of novel... well written christian lady!

zellner said...

Just wanted to tell you that I love you.

Allison said...

once again, you made me cry. I just love that about the Lord how sweet He is to let us see His faithful work instead of leaving us to walk in blind faith. He loves us (and our children) nore than we can ask or imagine!