Saturday, July 31, 2010

Staycation Delight

So, this is quite disappointing.  Thought I hit the "Publish" key a week ago and just realized this has been sitting as a draft.  DRAT!!!  Enjoy now, I guess. . .


That's right, people, our eldest has experienced that rite of passage known as The Loss of the First Tooth.

Little and I were in the basement Thursday morning; I was changing the laundry and she was pulling the strings to turn on all the lights.  Or so I thought.  All of a sudden I heard her call out from somewhere near the freezer, "My tooth came out.  My first tooth came out!!!" Yep.  She had pulled it out herself.  Nope.  No blood.  Yep.  I hooped and hollered like you would expect me too.

The day was filled with lisping, watching her stick her tongue in the hole, and showing anyone we could.  Such celebration over this first tooth.

That night we put the tooth in her special pillow:

Double checked to make sure it was still there. . .

Hung the pillow on the door knob (we wouldn't want the tooth fairy to wake Little up any earlier):

And celebrated with Little when she found toothpaste and $2 the next morning!

Sweet girl.  She put one dollar in her piggy bank to save toward her laptop and one dollar she took to Target to spend on a treat.  She ended up choosing a journal from the dollar section.  LOVE that she chose a journal.  I didn't even try to influence her decision.  I kept showing her things like bubbles and stickers, but she saw the book with lined pages and it was settled.

I am still a bit blown away by the whole thing.  How did my little girl come to be old enough to lose a tooth??

Funny thing? The other front tooth is WAY LOOSE too. Yesterday she told me that it was going to come out and when I asked her if she would like me to pull it out she looked terrified. "I don't want it to come out," was her response. She has made several comments that have let me know that, while she is thrilled to have lost a tooth, she is not thrilled about ever having to do it again.


Julia said...

I cannot wait to see her in with her new grin!

Kitty said...

So...the tooth fairy pillow is a bag? Question from John Laird. :)