Friday, July 30, 2010

Day Four

Agenda: Science Center, Cardinals Clancy's

I was having a hard time remembering what we did on the morning of the fourth day.  God created the sun and moon on the fourth day.  I just can't remember what we did. . .

Oh - nothing. 

The kids watched Sesame Street and played games with grandparents.  KB was NOT feeling well and so plans were adjusted for the afternoon.  Honey and Daddy took Little and Bubs to the Science Center and KB took a NAP while I made Julie's labels and Mom read her book. 

The Science Center (SC) would not have been a choice in our Staycation week except for the fact that Variety was hosting an event and part of that event was free admission to the Pirates exhibit.  Since this Frugal Female wasn't planning to ever buy tickets to that sucker, we jumped at this opportunity.  (Variety is the same group that hosts Little's summer camp each year.)
The afternoon started in the Planetarium.  Daddy said that everything was very "special needs" friendly, meaning the staff explained everything that was going to happen before it did - including the lights going down, how long they would stay off, etc.

To get from the planetarium to the main building of the SC you must walk across the interstate in an enclosed crosswalk.  In the middle there is this hole so you can watch traffic going by. . . under you.  Freaks me out.  Obviously, it did NOT freak our children out. 

Did you see Bubba's black bag in the picture above? It's a little bag full of pennies for this:

When Bubba heard they were going to the SC, his first response was, "I'll get all my pennies from my piggy bank and we'll watch them go round and round." We ALL emptied pockets and purses for the little man to have pennies and I reminded him to share with his sister.  (Apparently he gave her ONE and after it went around the circle once or twice he snatched it out and put it back in himself.  Note to self: review "share" with Bubba)

The other favorite part of the day was being experienced here:

They are watching this:

This picture cracks me up.  Look at Bubs - ever intent on watching the ball race through it's course.  Little is interested but definitely not riveted.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, KB was awaking and Memom was craving ice cream (to feed the beast that Crown Candy Kitchen had awakened in her).  KB got all dressed up for our outing to Oberweis.
I thought the Bandaids (completely used for accessory here - not to bandage wounds) were a particularly nice touch.  My mother's comment as we crossed from the car to the sidewalk was, "You are a much better mom than me!" She later changed it to "You are a much more laid back mom than me."  Either way, I wasflattered. . . and a little proud of my creative genius 2 year old.

We didn't go to the Cardinals game.  Storms and circumstances came together to change our plans and change them we did.

I had purchased a certificate for a Irish Pub & Grille called Clancy's.  Honey's only rule for the night was that we NOT go to a chain and Clancy's seemed to fit that bill.

You look at this photo of the Clancy sign and think, "that's terrible" and then you think - is it in a field?  The picture IS terrible and the restaurant is NOT in a field.  It is up on a little green hill and it is an old house that has been converted.  The driveway is dark and long - my mom actually said, "Is this a get drunk kinda place?" We drove around the back corner and there were plenty of cars in a large, well-lit lot and her mood changed.  Still, it was 2/3 pub and 1/3 grille.

We sat outside (the rain had cooled everything off and the breeze on the little hill was amazing) and talked for hours.  The food was GREAT. The service was good.  I would recommend the place, I tell you.

I HATE that my dad spent the money on tickets we didn't use.  Truly.  But I gotta tell you - I LOVE that we went and sat and laughed and chatted.  By far this was one of my favorite parts of the week.

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