Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adventure Camp - Year Three

Last week marked Little's third year attending Variety's Adventure Camp. She's a veteran. It's old hat. She knows the system and feels completely at home. It was cute to watch.

This was her counselor, Anna. Seriously, how cute is she? Anna became her counselor on day two. I have learned to just let the first day go and not to worry because everything will be different on day two (thank the Lord). Little ended up in an entirely different group and with two precious girls caring for her.

I admit that Little wasn't the only one who enjoyed camp. Bubs and KB loved going along to drop her off. Can I say how much I love this picture? Look at my little girl! Such delight.

We are glad camp is done but only because I am not sure Little could have stayed awake for another day. She was exhausted and slept on the way home every day.
Thank you, Variety, for making this camp available to us and the many other children in the city who have special needs. We feel blessed to have this option for Little and privileged to be exposed to the variety of kiddos who attend.

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David said...

The girl child could pass as both a BK mini-me or Lady Gaga. Does she know the lyrics to Alejandro yet?