Saturday, June 19, 2010


Jammies have been "the work of her hands" this week at The Blue Hutch. I had this adorable owl material and planned to make one last pair for Little.

While getting elastic at Hobby Lobby last week, Bubba saw this ABC/123 fabric and told me it "will be great jammies for Bubba". I am such a sucker, so I paid the $2.00 and made the boy a pair of jammies.

Of course, right next to the letters and numbers was a little Cars fabric and my heart went soft. Bubba thought it was for KB and it wasn't until I pulled the shirt over his head (completely finished) that he realized it was for him. His grin lit up the room and I got a big impulsive hug. Good times.
That left KB with no homemade jammies so we remedied that. I had enough material for Little to get a matching pair. I think we are done now. They each have enough to get through the warmth of summer and ridiculously lousy laundry turn-around. What should I make next? This is fun!


annaj said...

Jammies for me!!!

Melanie said...

And my kids!

Debbie said...

What cute pj's and less laundry for you--yippee!

Catherine said...

Looks like the world is your oyster - you are so clever! Why not try a quilt!