Wednesday, June 2, 2010

End of the Year Party - Bubba

Bubba has successfully completed another year of Preschool. I will not pretend that this is a major accomplishment for most children, but I will say that I feel like it was a big deal for us to make it to the end of this year.

There was a party to celebrate. No, not Bubba's accomplishment specifically, but the class as a whole. KB and I attended and had a super time. KB jumped right in and acted as part of the class. The little girl in this picture with my kiddos is Paige. Paige's mom is my friend, Natalie. Paige's brother has ACC (like Little) and Natalie and I met at the conference in New Jersey 2 summers ago. She lives 3 miles away. Paige is in Bubba's class. Life is weird.

Anyway, there was ice cream.

This picture is amazing! IT captures a part of my kids that others may rarely see. Bubba is staring off into space and twirling his hair - KB has her mouth wide open. I look oblivious to them but know exactly what they are doing. Just another typical moment in the Kicklighter life.

After snacks and chats, the kids had circle time and sang and danced. Again, KB joined right in. The fascinating thing was that Bubba joined in. The room was crowded and loud and his schedule was kaput, but he just went with it and had a ball. I teared up a little at the sight of it.
We are SO thankful for Mrs. Laura and all she does for our Bubba. She loves my boy and for that I love her. I don't know where we would be without her strategies and insight. Thank you, Jesus for Laura! Thank you, Jesus, for loving Bubba.

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Debbie said...

Way to go, Bubba!!!