Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Butterfly House

Our lovely city is full of great places to visit and wonderful things to do. One of my intentions for the summer is to take in a few of those wonderful things even if it makes me uncomfortable.

The first week of summer: The Butterfly House

Admittance is free for city and county residence on the first Tuesday of every month (9-11Am) - just bring a proof of residence. We went on the free day because it offers multiple levels of free for me. No financial cost. Free to leave whenever we need to because there was no financial cost. Tah-Dah!

We had a nice time. Bubba was most excited about the swirly thing by the door. You drop your coins into a slot and then they go around and around and around in an ever-shrinking circle until they finally go through the hole into a huge box full of the coins of other sucker parents. A complete stranger gave Bubba five pennies when we first arrived and for the rest of the hour I heard, "I want to go back to the penny drain." Great. Thanks, lady.

There is a Prehistoric Bug exhibit at present, which translates to large sculptures of scorpions and ROACHES. Not only sculptures but a 4 ft. x 4 ft. glass box of live roaches, an average of 2.5" in length. SO G-R-O-S-S. You could hear them scratching around in there - yuck.

There's a great movie that I have seen before but we didn't watch this visit and then there is the . . . what is that room called where they keep the butterflies? Well, there's the room where they keep the thousands of butterflies. After a short speech from a volunteer who instructed us NOT TO TOUCH the butterflies, we were allowed to enter that place. It was anticlimactic to say the least because all four of us were wearing glasses and it was so humid inside that we all fogged up immediately and couldn't see a thing!!!

Little still remembers this visit with butterflies last year and so she went into "the room where they keep the butterflies" with her pointer stretched out and calling, "I'm here butterflies. Come sit on my finger butterflies." Bubba dodged the insects like they were incoming torpedoes. KB just walked right up to them and poked them on the nose while attempting to maneuver her finger under their legs. (That really says a lot about her personality type! "You WILL stand on my finger even if I have to make you.")

The lady with the pennies followed us through "the room where they keep the butterflies" and offered to take our photo once the camera lens had defogged. I took her up on it and then we dropped a few more pennies in the drain on our way out to the swings.


annaj said...

So fun! You look great!

jenny said...

We have one of those boxes with the roaches on steroids it's called the building i work in!!

Debbie said...

What a fun outing--except for the roaches--that is one creature that I really just can not stand--uuch!!