Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sometimes I get a bit choked up watching my Little.
I just think she is beautiful.
I know I am biased.
I do think her features are pretty, but I am amazed at how much knowing her little heart affects the way I see her face.
Such a sweet heart.
Such a sweet face.

Side note: tonight I called her to come let me dry her hair. She came in with my Bible and opened it as she sat in my lap. I asked her what part she was reading and she replied, "I'm reading the words of Jesus. . . I think." I asked her what He said and she responded, "Let the little children come to me." *deep sigh*


Catherine said...

:)Love this post

Julia said...

I'm diggin' her new specs! Let's see if my on-line Zenni Optical $55glasses purchase look as stylish. If I purchased in the store it would have cost me close to $500. Only catch is that you can not try them on first!

Allison said...

How precious is the love our Father gives a mother- that deep heart wrenching, unbiased, throw yourself in front of a bus for them kind of love. I enjoy catching glimpses of your love for your precious ones. And yes, I think she's beautiful too!

~Mad said...

Tearing up.......

Debbie said...

She IS a beauty!!