Monday, May 10, 2010

Prayer Report

There are people all over who pray for us. It is humbling. It is moving. It is making a difference in our lives.

There is a Sunday School class full of folks who listen to my mother and father report on their extended family and THEY PRAY FOR US. There is a lady in Australia (hey Helen!) whom I have never met and she faithfully PRAYS FOR US. There are friends I have known since high school, friends from college, friends from seminary, friends at church. . . lifting PRAYERS FOR US. I'm writing about it because I can't speak about it without tears. Thank You! Thank You!

I wanted to give an update on a few things so that you'll know specifically how we see God's hand at work. I often blog in the middle of the emotion and forget to come back and tell the other things. If I tell my sister or mom on the phone, it often doesn't get blogged about. So, here we go. . .

1. The medication Bubba is taking seems to be doing wonders. His teachers raved at our last meeting about his ability to attend, engage, and be flexible. He has been quick to talk to people around him and even looks up at them when he speaks. It is just overwhelming.

Two quick stories: Last week the bus pulled off the road in front of our house and the driver got off with Bubba. I walked over tentatively - it can't be a good thing for the driver to get off the bus, right? It turned out that Ralph had gotten off the bus to let us know that a new rider had been on that day; a little boy who had been in a car accident. The boy was pitching a FIT because he didn't want to ride in a vehicle and our Bubba got out of his seat, walked to the front of the bus (it's a short bus so the walk wasn't far), and told Ralph that he could play a game with the boy. He started talking to the boy and asking him questions and the boy calmed down and ended up playing with Bubba. He calmed down enough that they were able to get him buckled into his seat. They sent Bubs back to his chair and the boy started crying again. Sue, the bus assistant, said Bubba had two big tears rolling down his cheeks. They just wanted me to know in case Bubba was sad or was talking about a boy screaming on the bus. I was just so excited that he initiated a conversation with another child. Woo Hoo!!!

Then, yesterday, he walked up to a girl on the playground and said, "My name is Bubba." My heart stopped, skipped, and leapt in one second of time. Honey said he did the same thing today at the Playland - walked right up to a boy and said, "My name is Bubba. What is your name? Do you want to ride the train with me?" Thank you for praying with us."

2. I was told this week that Little goes potty by herself 8/10 days at school around 10:00 AM. WHAT????? Keep Praying!!! And Thank You.

3. Little's IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting was this week and it went so well. Her team really cares about her and spoke in ways that made me feel confident she is being taken care of. I don't think we could have asked for anything more than we were given as provision for her care. Thank you, Jesus, for loving her so much. Thank YOU for praying for our Little.

I know there is more but my mind has shut down for the moment. I'll try to be more faithful in telling you of His grace to us and specific answers to prayer.


Debbie said...

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!!

~Mad said...

Okay, I have tears in my eyes! Tears of JOY!
Love ya'll,

Julia said...

Even the heathens from the Southside pray for you and your little brood...

Anonymous said...

Praise His Name. Mom had given me your email and I was overwhelmed at what He is doing in and through your children. AW

Anonymous said...

Dear Becky,

What an encouraging blog today. I too, have tears in my eyes. We shall all have to pray even more fervently for your family and then stand back in awe to see what the Lord will do through your precious children. love from Helen (the Aussie one!)

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

What great news! Isn't it amazing and wonderful to see the Lord answer prayer?! We are rejoicing with you in all of these wonderful answers to prayer!