Friday, May 21, 2010

Nose Dive from Cloud Nine

Last night I went to Baccalaureate with Honey. It is one of my favorite things to attend each year. The excitement in the air is explosive and the chapel is PACKED with people who all sing at the top of their lungs. I LOVE that.

There was a reception afterward. Seriously, I meant to stay 15 min. and I was there 2 hours just chatting and catching up with folks. I was so energized I thought I wouldn't be able to go to sleep.

Today was anything but a natural high. Wow. What a hard day.
Getting Little to eat was so difficult and she was so whiny - probably from waking up every morning this week at 3AM!

KB had been disciplined multiple times before the clock even struck 8AM.

I played the most frustrating game of Memory I have ever played. Bubba is AMAZING at Memory but, for some reason, each time a match was made this morning, he would shift the cards to fill in the blank spaces. He was determined to have a solid square the entire game and this old lady's mind could NOT keep up with all the shifties.

A "quick" trip to Schnucks turned into a horror show when my children decided to be devilish in the grocery car cart again.

KB went through four outfits - just because.

No one would go to bed.

I am ready for the day to be over.
And so it is.
Good Night!


Jawan said...

Those are the kind of days when the clock on the wall seems to have dead batteries!

Debbie said...

Hope today was better!