Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heard and Seen Around The Blue Hutch

Little was in the car screaming at Bubba tonight. I couldn't understand a word - she was literally just screaming. KB said three times in her bossiest voice, "Little - speak with self control!"

We have a cd in the car - Songs that Jesus Said, by Keith and Kristyn Getty - and the second song is called "He is My Light". Bubba LOVES it and when we got in the car he simply said, "He is My Light". Before I could prompt the "magic word", KB interrupted and said, "NO, Bubba, He Saved My Life."

Bubba: "I need to go to the Playland for some man time with Mommy."
Little didn't like that idea. She said to Bubba (in a somewhat condescending tone), "Not Me. I'm going to play with friends. With Mrs. Kuiper and my church friends." Great. (Mrs. Kuiper is the pastor's wife and her Sunday school teacher.)

I get to attend a 12 hour crop on Saturday (Happy Birthday Month to Me!) and I have dedicated this week to getting ready. Everything is done, including journaling, through Christmas 2008! Today I was sitting on my floor during the kids' room time. I was laying out pages and Bubs came in. There was stack of photos I had decided not to use and he started looking through them. Then he took a blank page off the stack and started laying out pages of his own. We did this for 30 min!! At one point he even looked over at me and said, "I need another picture of baby Bubba." My scrapbooking heart lept.

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Debbie said...

Have fun cropping this weekend!! Glad you have a fellow scrapbooker in the making . ..