Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bubba's Artwork

I've never had children who draw - so far. Art projects come home - I can tell how much help my kids get. If it is simply pasting they can handle it. If you ask them to draw specific things - no way.

One of the things Bubba's teachers have said about his medicine is that it "allows Bubba to be himself". They feel like they are finally getting to know the real kid. I think they are right. Today Bubba came home with his Sunday School bag full of all the handouts and papers we get every week. This was his drawing from Children's Worship:

When I asked him what it is, he responded, "My picture." (Very literal!) I changed my question and asked, "What did you draw in your picture?" He said, "It's a merchant at his table looking at his pearls." You can see that, right?

I pulled his "bulletin" out from children's worship and saw the reference Matthew 13:45 - 46 and the summary statement, "Jesus explains the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls."

So simple. So HUGE!


Julia said...

You got love ya some Bubba...always keepin' it real!

Andy and Brooke Cheely said...

Most excellent! Frame worthy.

This Place is a Disaster! said...

Oh my! I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Becky! How awesome! I bet your heart sang a little!

Debbie said...

How exciting!! He's listening and getting it!