Friday, April 16, 2010

We're Local

This week there was a celebration of the re-opening of a 100+ year old carousel at a nearby park. The celebration included free carousel rides for two hours, pony rides, a petting zoo, and concession stand style eats. This is the kind of thing I hear about and usually think, "That would probably be fun. It would probably make for a good memory" and then I go on about my business.

The day had tough bits that made a trip to Faust Park seem a little out of the way and annoying. Bubba had a doctor appointment that I knew would run into our time. Honey had the girls and, of course one of them was going to have an accident and need their clothes changed.

Still, I mentioned it to Honey on Monday. I think I may have mentioned it in a way that said, "We're going." When Thursday came around I was singing a more questioning tune. Seriously, it is hard to go to stuff in the town where you live - just so easy to go on home.

After the doctor appointment I called Honey and he was in the car, in traffic, on his way to partay! This meant I was locked in and Bubba and I headed West. We were NOT disappointed. It was great weather. There were baby goats (smallest I have ever seen), baby cows, a llama, and pot belly pig to pet. KB was in heaven. The carousel is just beautiful and so fast. Seriously - your hair blows from the wind that ride kicks up. We picnicked on hot dogs and popcorn and then I took Bubba and Little to the playground while Honey took the "you disobeyed one time too many" KB home for bed.

It was such a good time. I am encouraged to get out a bit more. Next time I must take a camera!

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