Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am NOT pregnant

Pictures of nurseries have the potential to get the rumor mill grinding, so I thought I would start off setting all minds at ease. These pictures are of two nurseries my sister is fond of. I thought I would do an informal poll to find out which one YOU fancy?

Not to sway your votes, but both KB and Little voted for the Allison nursery. KB gave it her "loffit" of approval! Leave a comment and tell us which one, and what specifically about it, you "lof" .


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky (& Anna)...
I too LOVE the "Allison" room. It has a calmer pattern-the second room is too "busy". All those bunnies and grass-too much.(Maybe subconsciously I think of birds gracefully soaring in the air, vs the quick, jerky movements of bunnies?) The Allison room looks simplier-has cleaner lines...the Allison room has a soft pink curtain-soothing to the eye vs that deep, dark purple. The pink also compliments the green. Lastly, the color of the wood-the dark wood is a great contrast with the green. Appears richer and "cleaner" to me than the white furniture...(Will probably wear better too and not show as much dirt in he future!). Hope you pick the Allison room! :-)

Stacy Ruska

jen said...

First, let me just say i love reading your blog and can get more info about A from your blog than her own! LOL I love the Allison one, girls are all about pink. She needs lots of pink to even out the girl/boy ratio in her house.

Anonymous said...

This is MM and I love them both. Yep, I'm not going there. Not the nursery (I'll often be there), but the choosing one over the other!!

The Lovealls said...

Definitely the Allison one wins for me too! She has to use pink if she is having a girl (at least that is how I feel about it).

Did you hear we were having a girl too?

Congrats to your sister (and the rest of your family)!!!

Mary-Louise said...

Definitely the Allison room. Calming! I think the baby would enjoy it.
By the way, I think I left a comment (maybe a year ago) but then was intimidated by thinking I had to join an account. Ask your mom - I'm somewhat technically challenged. Just yesterday, a friend told me not to worry. Yes, I'm one baby step deeper into this modern communication! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, i'll jump in and cast my vote. I like the Allison room, it doesn't appear as cluttered as the other one. Which, if one stops to think about it, a mom or memom going into a crowded room in the middle of the night doesnt'need an obstacle course to maneuver. :) Jen raised a thought for me, when do you think Anna will update her blog? Love, Glenda

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I think I would vote for the Allison room...mainly because I love the white butterflies. I might change the wall color though.
I think the second room looks too cluttered so we can't really appreciate the decor as much as we would if it were a little less busy.

But real life, many of us have nurseries that are the size of master bedrooms?!?!? Heck my MASTER BEDROOM isn't even the size of a master bedroom!!!
I currently have our next baby's crib set up in Sophie's room with approximately 3ft.x3ft of unused floor space. Cramped is an understatement.
So my nursery will never look as wonderful as the magazine ones, and I'll just have to live with it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Allison nursery. seems calmer. love all the green either way. :) Mo