Monday, March 22, 2010

Little's Real Dad

Honey has had facial hair for months. I rarely even think about it - he had it when I met him and it's been there off and on throughout our marriage. It makes him look older - wiser - and adorable.

Honey is on spring break this week. For the first time, the seminary is closed down and everyone has the week off. Honey shaved his face for a "fresh start" on the goatee. Little walked in yesterday morning and saw his smooth cheeks. Her response? "It's my REAL dad!" For two days now we have heard constant reference to Little's "real dad". Hilarious.

Wonder who she thinks we've been living with all this time?


Anonymous said...

I use to be scared of my dad for several days after he shaved! I'm glad she is happy w/her "new" daddy look :-).

Jo Ann

Julia said...

Perhaps she is "living" in the TV world of LOST and the bearded daddy is an alternative daddy?

annaj said...

that is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I think a picture of Little's "REAL" dad (without the hair)should have posted on today's blog. :-)

Stacy R