Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Late Night, Good Times

Sweet friends, Eric and Susan Zellner, were in town last week during their spring break. Eric went through seminary with Honey and Susan is one of my very favorite people. We all have too many children to get quality time as families in such a short visit, so we did the divide and conquer and our spirits were truly blessed. Eric and Honey spent time together Wednesday afternoon and Honey claims they were two of the fastest hours he can remember. Time flies when you're being encouraged and challenged and LAUGHING!

Susan and I met at Starbucks and closed it down before heading back to my house for four more hours of talking and tears. Susan is a heart friend - those are rare. I am so thankful the Lord provided the time together and the stamina to make it through the next day after going to bed at 2:ooAM! It was worth the fatigue and I would drop everything to do it again.

Love you, Zellners.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, love that picture! Susan was in my sorority pledge class--and is amazing! Good stuff. Love it! So glad you two are heart friends. Priceless!
-la conrad