Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From "The Cousins"

My children affectionately refer to my nieces as "the cousins". My nephew isn't included in "the cousins" - he is Coleman. It's weird and hilarious and SO my kids. Anyway, "the cousins" left a gift for Little's birthday when they headed out for their home on the other side of the planet. I remembered to pull it out and it was the first thing Little opened.

It was fun to watch her face - genuine intrigue. We are all, as a family, looking forward to watching The Wind in the Willows since none of us have ever seen it . . . or read the book. (deep sigh)

"Thank You" to "the cousins", Aunt Brooke,
and Uncle "pull my finger" Andy
We Love and Miss You!


Julia said...
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Julia said...

I love my friends in the Wind and the Willow...Mole, Ratty and Mr. Toad. We read it aloud as a family on vacation one summer. Enjoy!