Monday, January 4, 2010


It is January 4. THE FOURTH DAY OF THE YEAR, people!!! My excitement and fervor have been struck a nasty blow today. My desire/commitment to live the day God gives me and rejoice in it no matter the form it takes . . . today's form has been stinky and I have stumbled, tripped, and fallen face down on the path of rejoicing.

In church on Sunday we heard the truth that the Lord's Supper is not for those that say, "I have done what the Lord requires" but for those who say, "He has done what is required. I need thee, oh I need thee." Well, that is a truth I can identify with today!

Back to the trenches. . .

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Laura said...

Thanks sweet Becky for being so real. I so love getting to read about the story our Father is weaving for your family :). And I've been to write you for weeks and thank you for the gift certificate!! That was SO sweet you you, and meant so much to us! Also reminded me of some fun times with the Kicklighter's tracking down random restaurants. Love and miss you friend!