Saturday, December 19, 2009


For teacher gifts this year I decided to make little tea wallets like my friend Megan. Thing is, Megan sewed 300+ of these last year and is doing tons again this Christmas - - I am having a good time trying to work 23 into my schedule!

They are coming along though. I decided to just do smaller chunks at a time and it has helped my mindset. KB needed two for Wednesday - check. Bubba needed six for Thursday - check. Little needed five for Friday- check. We'll need six more for Sunday and we'll be done - they are already cut and ready to sew (for those of you counting and not coming up with 23. . . we've already given away four).

Then I am going to make one for me.


Megan said...

Fun, fun! And I see you solved your "what to do about the closure" problem. :)

Debbie said...

What a clever idea! You are so creative!

porternews said... cute!

amy said...

very impressive!