Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"My Har"

I love romantic comedies with Sandra Bullock. I also love romantic comedies with Hugh Grant. I really like "Two Weeks Notice".

In this scene in that movie where Sandra's character is trying to quit her job. She and "George"
are in the men's room discussing how distracted she is because she is always wondering if he is about to call her. (you can watch the clip - the part I am referring to is in the first 2 min.)

So why am I telling you all this? I am so distracted that EVERY morning I can't remember if I washed my hair or not. My mom suggested I put the shampoo on the floor after I wash my hair so that I know I did it, but I keep forgetting to do that too. Today I showered, dried my hair, and an hour later I was combing my graying locks so I could go grocery shopping before our big snow and I kept thinking something wasn't right. I have always liked my hair, but today it was looking greasy. Something was amuck.

I seriously think I need help.

Anyway, EVERY morning when I am trying to remember if I washed my hair, I think of Two Weeks Notice and Sandra Bullock's line. If she received royalties every time that happened she would be one wealthier woman.


Debbie said...

I love that movie, too :). Don't feel bad--you are not alone in forgetting to wash your hair!

Julia said...

Ok I am confused...Is it at the end of your bathing expeirence that you can't remember if you washed your hair? Or do you not wash your hair everyday but get it wet in the shower? You definitly need a routine in the shower. My motto is always wash your hair first. I am certainly not judging you but need some help! Perhaps, you should put a chart in the shower for yourself to check off your list. I know how you love crossing items off the list maybe it could work for you in the bathroom...(:

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY do this too....all of the time! But I never actually got out of the shower with it unwashed, but I have washed it 3times because I remembered that I thought I forgot and then a few minutes later I can't remember if I washed it after I realized I forgot- so I do it again (making it 3 times...or just once if I actually forgot both times!) I am glad to learn I may not be alone in this!

Amy Wilk