Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last Photos from Thanksgiving

Nicole has gotten SO GOOD at taking just the right photos! I let her do all the work in that category on Thanksgiving. I was thankful to have someone else thinking for that scrapbook page so I could do food, etc. She sent me the photos today so here we go!

"Happy Thanksgiving," she yelled.

the table
(that's right, folks, paper plates and paper napkins!)

the kids at the kiddie table

the precious turkey cookies Nicole made


Melanie said...

I'm a HUGE fan of paper products when company is over! Less cleaning up, more hanging out together. :)

amy said...

love that you got to be with kermit and nicole! and those turkey cookies are a 2 year tradition now in our house. so fun!

Julia said...

love the turkey cookies...are there anymore left?

Kitty said...

Ainsley made those cookies, too! They were so yummy...