Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finger Splitin' Cold

It's begun.

The cold weather combined with constant hand washing after wiping noses and bottoms has led to the tips of my fingers beginning to split. It is PAINFUL. Did you know they make band-aids especially shaped for the tips of your fingers? GENIUS!

My sweet Honey was such a trouper. My fingers hurt so much on Sunday that he picked a chicken for me - his first.

What a man!


Melanie said...

It's not really even cold here yet, but just last week I experienced this on one of my fingers. I used Lanolin creme (you know...the kind you use when you're nursing) and it helped a lot. It's much thicker than anything else I know of and has great staying power. It also promotes healing. Put one of those fingertip bandaids on top and you should be good to go!

Allison said...

ow! mine do that too. i have found that wearing rubber gloves while washing dishes makes a huge difference and I keep a pump of lotion by my sink and try to use it every time i walk by.

thought of you today when i got a rebuking phone call from abby's teacher!! told myself the same truth i told you, but it still stung...

Debbie said...

That happens a lot to Will's fingertips. His mother suggested superglue. She uses it on hers and it works great!

Helen said...

More advice - buy cotton gloves and slather your hands in the best moisturizer you have before bed, then put the gloves on and sleep in them. You can wear the gloves inside rubber gloves to wash up, too. And use soap free wash!