Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Card - 2009

2009 has been a series of rather normal events—no diagnoses, only one surgery, only one visit to the ER. Slow by Kicklighter standards. There’s a quote out there about hours lasting forever but days passing quickly. Similarly, our days were slow and filled with the ordinary but the year has flown by.

Jeremy continues to love his job at Covenant Seminary and has such a vision for building pastors for the Church. He was able to surprise his dad with a visit at Father’s Day and was himself surprised by GREAT tickets to see the not-so-great Rams play. Becky spent the year chasing children, couponing, crafting, and blogging. The surgery was hers (broken bone in foot was removed) as was the trip to the ER (first ever migraine). Top it all off with a root canal and a “Bless her heart”. The Lord provided two weekends away together which were real blessings and great fun!

Lily (5 since February) started Kindergarten and loves it. She has a teacher’s aid that stays with her all morning for whom we are thankful. She continues to love people, obsess about computers, and cherish her brother. A gal from church has started spending time with Lily every month or so and it has broadened her experiences to be sure and become a treasured friendship. Her “special brain” continues to provide special circumstances and prayer requests, but we wouldn’t change her!

Thomas (4 in August) began reading this summer. Letters are his obsession and he will ask to “play reading” daily (that means “do a lesson in my Hooked on Phonics book”). Autism has brought its challenges to the family but a team of educators and therapists continue to give super tips to help Thomas succeed. Thomas loves music, letters, cars, and

Katie Bly (2 in October) had a huge year. She learned to use utensils, a cup, the potty and the phrase, “I don’t want to.” Her will is strong—her eye sight is not. She got glasses in Spring and sometimes wears them. It’s odd to have a child developing normally and KB often gets away with things just because we can’t believe she actually did them! Katie Bly loves babies, “cooking brekfas” in her kitchen, watching “Yardigans”, and her Bubby (Thomas!).

Time with loved ones has been a special part of the year. In June the family traveled to Birmingham for 10 days with the extended Cheely family. Andy’s family is in the country for the first time in years and it was a gift to be together. Several friends have come through St. Louis for business, traveling home from vacation, and some just to see us. It has been a blessing to have these moments with folks who know us well and we love dearly.

This letter is a glimpse of a year filled with ordinary moments. The things of 2009 grow strangely dim in the shadow of the Savior’s extraordinary birth, . Christ came so that this broken world could be restored. Can you imagine what normal will be on THAT day?
Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
the Kicklighters


Allison said...

LOVE the picture! Always think of you at Christmas card time and wonder if you'll still be my friend when my card doesn't have me and Jay in it!!!

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

What a fantastic letter (love the ending!) to go with an absolutely fantastic picture!

Hope you all had a wonderful family Christmas today! The five of us are doing the same thing on the morning of the 24th...before all of the rest of the non-stop craziness begins with the extended family Christmases.
I'm really looking forward to our little time with just the five of us. It will be our first ever. And I did it partially so that we wouldn't have to lug our Christmas presents down to my parents (where we will be spending Christmas eve and morning and then another hour and a half to southern maryland where we will be spending the rest of the day with nick's family)...
But also, it just makes sense to spread out the gifts when they are this little. They just can't appreciate 9 gifts all in one day. Much better to spread them out one at a time!