Sunday, November 8, 2009


1. Mom and I went to Sams on Friday and bought 2 rotisserie chickens and a big 'ole thang of fresh chicken breasts (great price). I had plans for all this but didn't get to it until today. Today I picked both chickens and put the meat in the freezer for corn chowder later on. I also divided out the chicken breast, added seasonings, etc. and put them in the freezer. . . ready for the crock pot one day soon. I got this "duh" idea here.

2. Yesterday I spent 12 hours at a scrapbook event. I journaled 52 pages. I would have done more but I sat with my sweet friend Courtney and so there was much chatter throughout the day. It was so fun. Thanks, Honey for being home so I could go.

3. Little went potty on the potty tonight. I know this is so personal but it is a BIG deal, so I'm sharing! We had put a new pull up on before going to church tonight and when we got home she was still dry. Honey took her to sit on the potty - both of us didn't think anything would happen but we keep trying. (Little can't feel the sensation that let's her know she has to potty. We just keep praying and praying that God would be gracious and work a miracle in this area. No, we wouldn't mind if you prayed with us.) Anyway, I was getting KB into her pajamas when I hear Little say, "Do you hear that, Dad?" and then, "There's water coming out of me, Dad!" and then, "Can you see it?" mixed with, "Sit down, Little! That's great! Sit down!" I hollered out, "Did you tinkle in the potty, Little?" and she answered, "I did momma! I did! Water came out of my bottom!" There was screaming and dancing and jumping - such fun. Oh dear Jesus, hear our prayers.

4. Several GREAT coupons in this weeks papers. $1 off 1 yoplait yogurt pack. They are $2 at Walmart so that's 4 cups of yogurt for $1 after coupon. I just ordered 10 coupons from There was also a $.30 off one Ready Crust Pie Crust - I'm excited about this because Schnucks often has these for $1 and the coupon would make them $.40 each. Seasonal time saver alert!!!

5. I started a quilt for Little when she was 19 months old. The goal was to have it finished by the time she was two and moved into her big girl bed. The goal has now become to have it finished by the time she turns six. My mom took it home with her to sew on at her leisure. There is a special presser foot you use and I gave it to mom to take with her. . . along with my screw thing that would allow me to attach my normal presser foot. FOR PETE'S SAKE!!

6. Little has slept until 6:00AM for two mornings in a row. This is the first time she has done this in 3 months. PTL! She has also taken naps. Hmmm.

7. Had a $13 fine at the library today. WHAT IN THE WORLD. My reaction was large for a quiet library and the lady giggled at me - I guess the obvious oblivion and embarrassment on my part tickled her funny bone. She was kind to say, "That's really nothing, sweetie. The worst I've seen is $1000.00." I didn't really feel better.

Another week starts tomorrow. This one holds a visit to the Audiologist with Bubba, a physical for Honey, our 9th wedding anniversary, a Day of Spiritual Enrichment at our church, and (sung to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas) I hope it will all be puke free.


Anonymous said...

The sewing machine screw went into the mail Saturday morning. Hope you get it today. MM

Marcie said...

Yea for Little!!! I am very glad you shared that.

Julia said...

Yea for litrle...I heart the commentary...ever heard of Library Elf? It keeps you in check with you Library books. Go to Libraryelfdotcom to check it out.