Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I mentioned before that I was chosen to host a house party for the people at I had read about it on moneysavingmom and thought it would be so much fun to be chosen to host the Martha Stewart craft party or the Tollhouse cookie party - - I was chosen for UL's Safety and Lights Party. WHAT???

In the end I am thankful to have been selected at all. I had JUST had a conversation with my mom about the fact I miss having people in my home. I wasn't sure if it was a stage in life or just the life laid out for me since our situation is just a bit different. There are so many moms with special needs kids who have folks in their homes, I was wondering if I need to "buck up" and just "get out there" again.

Well, made that a necessity. I invited the most random group of women and didn't think any of them would come (the website didn't give us a lot of time and then I procrastinated several days out of pure fear). Bottom line is that there were eight of us and we had such a good time.

I received a "party pack" the week before the party. It contained small wreaths, strands of lights, a few rounds of ribbons, and three tubes of ornaments. A theme, a party pack, and very little in way of instructions. . . I recruited my mom and sister-in-law for ideas and encouragement before diving in.

I took some time that day to get ready; I set the table and wrapped a door prize. KB turned the wrapping paper I was using into a slip and slide of sorts.

We played a few games (mad libs with the safety rules, guess the safety tip, and decorate your "tree" safely and beautifully). Honey was the tree decoration judge and pulled a Barney so no ones feelings were hurt - "everyone here's a winner
Amy the "winner":

Tracie the "winner":

Then we set about making wreaths. It was fun to watch everyone at work.

The final products were GREAT! Such talent!

Thanks to Underwriters Laboratories for sponsoring the party and thanks for coming, guys! I can't wait to have folks over again - maybe just for coffee and conversation. . . and one game!


Tracie said...

I had fun....thanks so much for inviting me!!!

B said...

That sounded like lots of fun, Becky! Very clever, too! Have a great turkey day! Love, B

Ariana said...

It was so much fun! Cal especially loves the bells!