Monday, November 23, 2009

China Cheely Visit

My brother and his family came to visit last week and it was such a treat to have them. The real negative was that the trip wasn't long enough - but it never would have been. I would buy a house and plant our family next door to them if I could, so 2.5 days was definitely a bit shy of satisfactory. Still, it is what the good Lord ordained and a gift.

The two days couldn't have been better. The cousins played so well together which meant that Brooke and I got to talk A LOT. Tim Keller happened to be in town and so Honey and Andrew went to hear him speak and then spent the rest of that day out and about together. We did have a sitter one night and went out for a fabulous and fun dinner. It is such a joy to like one's family.

Andy really is one of my favorite people and God gave him a super wife whom I love. Can't wait until heaven where we'll have eternity together. I hope my mansion is near their's.

The cousins playing well together:
Aunt Brooke with her nieces and nephew:

Uncle Andy and Bubba reconnecting over the ever manly and apparently timelessly funny "pull my finger" joke:

A make-upless Aunt B getting some lovin' from the cousins:

It's fun that these guys were friends before Honey and I knew each other. Some brother-in-law love:
(Brooke, the picture of us didn't turn out well so we will have to try again at Christmas. I'll try to lose my second chin by then!)

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing! My husband and my brother-in-law are so close that people often mistake them for brothers. It looks like you have the same blessing. I praise the Lord for it.