Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

All three children are officially out of commission.
Bubba went down Friday morning with 101.5.
KB went down Saturday with 101.5.
Little just left the kitchen table with . . . 101.5.

Bubba is a cuddle-bug when he has a fever - I could get used to this.
KB's fever was actually up to 102.5 this morning and she looks terrible. She's a whiner.
Little won't slow down enough to feel too sick - but her eyes are so sad.

Pray this blows over quickly. The next two weeks are full of things we don't want to reschedule (surgery, dentists, visit from Memom, etc.)


glenda said...

So sorry to hear of the kiddies being sick. Penny had all three of hers "down" with one thing or another and I know how hard it was for her. Sure wish I were closer, I'd give you a hand in some way. Pretend a hug is enclosed here, though. Love, Glenda

Anonymous said...

So sorry! I've got two down and one questionable. What surgery do you have coming up? Marcie

Debbie said...

Hope everyone feels better soon. I had two down this past week, too--one of them being Will. I'll pray it is short-lived and that you stay well!

amy said...

we've got three out of four down. i'm hoping jon stays strong!

Julia said...

Becky...sending good thoughts your way. I'm traveling and have already had 2 alums cancel on me due to H1N1...I know my time will come soon being in so many airports, airplanes, hotels and meeting strange people along the way.