Saturday, October 17, 2009

Loving the Lazy

Tonight, after the kids went down I went back into the kitchen and whipped up a batch of "Lazy Granola". I found the recipe here on Amy's blog The Finer Things in Life, but from what she says it's Crystal's recipe (of Money Saving Mom fame). It took moments to make, smells lovely, and will be a yummy treat - cereal, yogurt topping, etc.

It's funny. I procrastinate on so many things because I don't want to give "all that time" and then it takes so little time to do the task. This took 15 min. to make! I turned off the oven and went to watch a movie with Honey!!
Have any great granola ideas for me? What else can I do with all this??

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Glenda said...

Hey Becky! I've found something easy to do with granola. We like Dannon's Vanilla yogurt, so I layer the yogurt with a blend of fruit and then top with granola. It not only tastes good, but is very healthy. Love, Glenda