Wednesday, October 28, 2009

KB Birthday - the real deal

Since there was sickness in our midst and we couldn't go to Monkey Joe's "as a family" (Little's major concern), I sent Honey off to the zoo with the girls. I didn't remember that it was the first day of Boo in the Zoo - Honey said it was PACKED and I have seen photos on multiple friends' blogs. Honey did a great job navigating through the crowds and making the morning special for his little girl.
They visited the Monkey House, of course,
and had mini ice cream cones on the way home.
When KB got up from her nap and the other kids came out from room time, we had our little party. You have already seen how hard it was for me to get photos and keep KB at the center of attention, but I managed to get a few:

I know, I know - the cake looks more like a bear than a monkey. I guess that's the way life goes. KB looked at it and make monkey noises, so I feel just fine about it. AND she was a pro at blowing candles. She had to work quickly because Bubba was bent on helping.

Look at those flushed cheeks - the fever coming on.

We made sure she opened her own gifts. Princess sewing cards, monkey jammies, a baby of her very own, a diaper bag, and

a highchair!

Bubba and Little finally moved away and let KB feed her baby. She made sure all baby's friends got a turn too.

Bedtime came early and so far being two has been no cake walk for our KB. She is a joy though, I tell you. I love her more and more all the time.

KB is talking like a magpie - usually I am the only one who understands her, but it's talking just the same. She loves to sing and dance. "Bubby" is one of her favorite people and she would rather hug him and get kisses than just about anything. Her maternal instinct kicked in full force about two weeks ago and I am constantly finding her with a stuffed animal or baby in her arms. She either reads them books, feeds them pretend meals, or talks to them about going poopy on the potty. She runs EVERYWHERE, loves to be "ouside", and is all about people, people, people. (Names we hear are Ella, Owie, and Gracie)

Happy Birthday, my little monkey!
I love you!


Debbie said...

Love the cake--it DOES look like a monkey! Looks like KB had a great time. I had a "baby lover" in my #3, too, and stuffed animals are still one of her favorites. I think we have the same high chair, too :).

Anonymous said...

I asked Elizabeth what she thought the cake was and she immediately said a "monkey"! KB needs to come and visit--she and Elizabeth could play for HOURS taking care of babies and motherizing them!

Jo Ann

Allison said...

She is so stinkin cute!! And that profile picture of her by the high chair- could she possibly look any more like you?

This Place is a Disaster! said...

The cake only looks like a bear from a side-ish angle. Atop it looks very monkey!

annaj said...

i love the expression when opening the present