Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday AM Alone - #3

Labor Day has come and gone and a good southerner knows that means to switch the closets. I am obviously not a good southerner because it's over a week after Labor Day and I am just now getting to closet number one.

With the house to myself this morning, I turned the Backstreet Boys up to a ridiculous level and went through KB's closet to remove the summer clothes , too small clothes, etc. The closet and drawers were surprisingly empty when I finished. I can't believe that KB didn't have more sleeved shirts over the summer. I ran to pull out the 2T box to see what goodies were ready to be put into the drawers and onto hangers when, much to my surprise and chagrin, I found very few size 2T clothes!!!! PANIC.

I put out what I did find - all long sleeve, mind you - and then began to try and remember what Little had worn during her 2nd (and 3rd actually) year of life. I called a friend to see if I had lent her the clothes - nope. And then it hit me. Little wore her cousins clothes. Yikes!

I made a list of what we will need and the errands I had planned for the rest of my morning alone were expanded somewhat. I had planned to return a few items at Target - I checked the clearance rack for short sleeves. I had two boxes to drop off at Goodwill - I went inside to check for any short sleeve shirts. The new Walmart Superstore opened today and I didn't need a thing but went to walk through, see how pretty it is, and decided to check for short sleeve shirts.

I'm going yardsaling this Saturday for sure!
Maybe I should check Little's and Bubba's closets ASAP to maximize my Saturday. No telling what I won't find if I look.

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