Thursday, September 17, 2009


Last night at dinner Little was chatting about computers . . . AGAIN. One of the members of the family got up to go to the restroom (I was there to recount the story so let's see if you can guess who, in our potty challenged household, left the table) and the next line out of Little's mouth was, "Computers go potty too."

"No, Little. Computers are not alive. Only living things go potty."

Little's response, "Computers can be alive when I grow up."

So, the next Terminator film will reveal that the concept for Skynet was actually first conceived at the Kicklighter's kitchen table by a five year old with a very special brain.

Wonder if that means we'll get to meet Christian Bale when he comes to our house to do research for the film? Maybe Jason Bateman can play Honey!

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