Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photos to Make Anyone Smile

Honey has been running at the park across the street.  He goes 3-4 nights a week - usually after the kids are in bed.  Now that the light patterns are changing, he is having to adjust his schedule somewhat and this is the result.  EVERY time he starts to do any stretching, the girls run over to "stetch", as KB would call it.  I call it precious!

I have a picture of me from when I was maybe four years old.  My hair is all up in rollers and I am standing in a nightgown grinning like a cheshire cat.  Tah Dah!

Try to ignore the sour cream and onion around his mouth long enough to notice MY SON IS WEARING TWO PAIRS OF GLASSES.

We "love" Ms. Pattycake.  The kids love her.  Anyway, on one of the DVDs she sings a song about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  All the kids in the DVD get on their knees and sing a song about praying.  KB and I watched it the other morning and I looked up to find this:

The photo is dark because I almost broke a toe trying to get my camera and take a photo before she looked up.  Oh that she would learn to "say 'yes' to the Father".


Anonymous said...

Daniel and I enjoyed the pictures!

Jo Ann

Debbie said...

Too cute!

Allison said...

you really have the ability to make any story funny! i laughed at you "breaking a toe" to get the picture and I lOVE her praying. we are big pattycake fans too, but i must say i'm not loving her new one!

april said...

I love smiling at your kids at 3am while nursing my baby! Keep them coming, as this may be the only way I see them for a while! Come visit any time (got your message). Love you!