Thursday, August 13, 2009

Memom and Aunt Anna

Memom and Aunt Anna arrive today. Everyone is thrilled. The fun thing is that when I was telling KB about the impending visit, the conversation went something like this. . .

"KB, Memom and Aunt Anna are coming to see us."
"That's right! Isn't it exciting?"
Nod of head, followed by, "nt Anna too"
"And Aunt Anna too. We'll have so much fun."
"And Pop!!!"
"No, Pop is in Australia telling people about Jesus."
"Nex Time!"

So, Pop, "nex time" you better come along for the ride; KB has declared it to be so. (and Becky wouldn't mind either.)


april said...

What are you going to do with them...or are you and Honey going out of town?

Helen said...

Where is Pop?

BKicklighter said...

Pop was in Sydney and then on to New Zealand. He's on USA soil now.