Wednesday, August 26, 2009

KB's Boo Boo

If you see her, don't stare!

She is very self conscious about her boo-boo. It's actually kinda funny since she is not even two years old. Still, she is timid when asked about it and eager to use it to get sympathy on her own terms. My KB is a natural at manipulation, I tell you what.

How did it happen? Playing outside, KB had a stick, Bubba decided to do a little dance and bumped KB, stick slashed face, crying ensued. I'm surprised you didn't hear it.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of Katie Bly. Looks like a little girl and not a baby. MM

annaj said...

Question - did Bubba have the stick first and KB grabbed it from him and took off running? That, I could see.

Debbie said...

She's cute even with a boo-boo.

This Place is a Disaster! said...

Lucky - when I was 3, my brother was swinging a ski pole and I walked into it. I have the scar right on the outside edge of my eye socket - lucky for me it didn't hit in 1 inch, I may not have an eye today! Now i have a lovely scar that most people don't even notice!