Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Guy I Married

Remember this guy? He drives me absolutely crazy - at this juncture I am not saying this in a good way. BUT, you know what? He is one of the best guys you will EVER meet. Seriously. Can't tell you what a servant heart he has and how hard he tries. I love him dearly. Man.

Here's what he did today (some of it fueled by anger with me, but in the end, willingly):
Got the chalk out of the air vent on the sun porch
Vacuumed all the air registers and changed the filter
Took LOADS of stuff down to the basement
Removed the trapped cars from the bottle Bubba had stuffed them into
Worked on some furniture we are preparing for sale on Craigslist
Went to the park and RAN WITH BUBBA

What a man! What a man! What a mighty good man!

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Debbie said...

Thanks for your honesty. . .Jeremy IS great!