Friday, August 21, 2009

Bad Blogger

I was thinking today that I have blogged more in my head than online recently; my friend, Annie calls it "bleaming" (blogging+dreaming). I would love to say that my lack of consistency is due to being an overachiever in the mother department but, alas, I cannot say that. As a matter of fact, the realization that I had been just getting by this week hit me so hard, I decided to make lunch a little more special than it had to be.

We were just having pb+j with pretzels

but I decided to add applesauce in a fanciful dish (so classy)

and then let all three kids drink their water from a glass, painted by sweet girlfriends at a shower for my wedding 9 years ago (I live on the edge that way)

This glass was actually painted by our friend Mrs. April. Bubba drank out of it and got a real kick out of the fact Mrs. April painted it. He giggled every time he would turn the glass up and see her name painted on the bottom.

When I put all the dishes in front of Little and made a big deal over the dishes she simply said, "Oh, this is nice."

After that overwhelming success I decided to work on a little project for the house tonight. Honey was on campus at the President's welcome reception and I had the evening to myself. I got "Bride Wars" from the Redbox and put this ditty together.

It is for my kitchen. There is a blank wall where a bulletin board used to be and this will hang there paired with two other bits of wall art yet to be determined.

Now that I am looking at the picture, the blue strip on the bottom needs to go down a row.  "That's nice."


april barber said...

I love that your kids know who Mrs. April is. What a fun mom to make lunch so special for them.

Allison said...

did you love bride wars? i thought it was pretty funny!!