Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Little Learned at Church

Little wore a navy blue sailor dress to church this morning. To be fair, it IS a precious dress and she DID look adorable. So, by the time we got from the church door to the nursery hallway (50 ft?) she had been told three times, "Good Morning, Little. That's such a pretty dress."

A few minutes later I heard a friend asking, "Little, what are you learning about when you come to church?" She replied, "I have such a pretty dress."

There you go.
Ouch, eh?


Debbie said...

Too funny :)

Kitty Laird said...

No "ouch". We can't expect our little ones to come away with deep thoughts on calvinism every time we cross the church threshold. Of course, I know you already know that. Hope to see you soon and I also hope Little will have on a pretty dress so I can comment on it. :)

Julia said...

I call that good listening!