Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love me some Snapfish

Snapfish just had a "50 prints for $.50" promotion and I took advantage. I ordered 50 prints. Little ordered 50 prints. Honey ordered 50 prints. Then I ran out of time.

One of the things I heart about Snapfish is the collage print option. For an avid scrapbooker like myself, it is a super way to "cover" an event without taking up three or more pages.

This just arrived today and I am so excited:

Isn't that fun? I was so excited about it, I ordered one for every family unit too! Fun for everyone!


Allison said...

I did the collage option for our Disney trip- but I did it big poster size and it's going in the playroom. On this smaller option do you get to place the pictures or does SF do it automatically?

annaj said...

Ooo, so I get one??

Debbie said...

That is neat--what size is the collage?

Nicole said...

yes, what size? i so need to move back from winkflash.