Friday, July 10, 2009

Eat More Chicken!

That's what you could hear Little calling out through the mall tonight as we made our way to Chick-fil-a for five free value meals.

I wasn't sure we were going to make it. KB was whiny hiney all afternoon, Little was falling asleep sitting up, and Bubba was meltdown daddy. Still, we donned the cow gear and pushed ahead with the plan. I am so glad we did.

Turns out Bubba was the only child who would keep their ears on! He was so excited when it got right down to it.

Our Chick-fil-a went all out! Everyone who dressed up got their picture taken with the cow (everyone but Bubba, who was determined to finish his nugget before taking a photo and missed his opportunity) - photos can be picked up on Tuesday. Also, we each got a cup, stuffed cow, key chain, and coupon for a free small shake! Nice. There were lots of folks dressed up.

All the excitement was too much for Little.  We barely got her into her car seat and she was out for the count.
And, for the record, may I say that I have the best husband. He wore his cow apparel with pride and didn't even take the ears off until we got home. What a trooper!


Debbie said...

You guys are great!!! What a fun memory! I love the cow attire--very creative :).

annaj said...

Woh! You have a very generous Chick-fil-A! All we got was free food!