Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lily Bday Prep - Gift Bags

So, Sunday I set about putting together the gift bags for the upcoming event. I figure there are a ton of things that can't be done ahead, but this is something I can get "out of the way" and not have to think about again. It frees up some space in my overly crowded mind and that is a wonderful thing.

Before I go any further, I feel the need to clarify that I did not MAKE the little purses I used for the invitations. I found them 12/$1 (wedding favors) and printed the name and glued that on. I am only semi-awesome *grin*. What you will see here was all purchased over a three month period - nothing was made by hand - I am only semi-awesome.

So, can you believe how adorable these gift bags are? PERFECT!
Inside each bag, the guest will find:

(Everyone gets one "fashion pin" - minus the skull with a bow and the "Daddy's Girl" pin. One of Little's friends has two mommies and with my luck, she would pick the bag with the "Daddy's Girl" pin. We are eliminating that possibility.


Debbie said...

Love them! I think you are more than just "semi-awesome"--even if you didn't make the bags yourself :).

Kitty Laird said...

Umm, can I come to the party (by myself)? I think I need a gift bag.

Catherine said...

I'm with Kitty - can I come, too? I'd like the lip gloss.

Love the bags - cute idea, and a bargain too!