Friday, December 5, 2008

DPP - Dec. 4 (ish)

I took this picture this morning, but the actual tragedy hair cut happened on Dec. 4 so I thought I would let it count. This is the result of the instructions - "I want you to trim it up to just under her ears, under cut so that it will lay nicely." Well, there is definitely nothing "under cut" about it. She went over board for sure.

So, the hair we have been working for a YEAR to get the same length is no more. Literally no more. She has SHORT hair except for two wisps in the front that make me think it was supposed to be a swing bob.
She looks adorable because she just IS plain adorable, but it ticks me off a bit.
Merry Christmas


Jawan said...

She looks adorable but I have never understood why "hairdressers" keep cutting and cutting and cutting.

annaj said...

Yep, she's adorable!

Kitty Laird said...

she is adorable and fortunately will only remember this because of the pics...oh, what we do to our kids. :)

Julia said...

Okay, I just saw a back of the head shot of her looking at the tree ornaments... You need to go to a different hair stylist... I would call this "a failure to commnicate"