Friday, December 12, 2008

Confessions and a Band Aid

THIS is one of my favorite songs to hear every December.
Sue me.
There are so many memories from 8th grade wrapped up in that one video.
Duran Duran - Bananarama - Bono - Sting - Phil. . . good grief.


annaj said...

i think you do it better ;-)

Mad said...

Twenty four years? Oh my gosh! They are all so young!
I'm with you - it's one of my favorites as well.

Julia said... to not beat a dead horse I have to make a comment. I LOVE this song too and can petty much tell you everyone in the video that is singing. I know you have a hard time with the Wham song Last Christmas...but did you know that During Band Aid's tenure at the top, Wham! had stayed at #2 with their double A-side "Last Christmas"/"Everything She Wants", which became the biggest selling single (at over a million) not to reach #1 in the UK. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley donated their royalties from this record to Band Aid.
SO THERE!!!! How can you still not like the song?

Anonymous said...

I like Wham, just not there version of "Last Christmas" - it's the way George says, "special". All. Breathy. I like Taylor Swift's version of the song. (and I am sure this will get a response from you as well) *smile* Why don't ya'll come over this weekend and we'll duke it out.

Julia said...

Are you crazy...Do you think that Taylor Swift could hold her own with the likes of Areth Franklin, Elton John or even Freddie Mercury...(GM should have been the lead singer to QUEEN after FM passed). I think NOT...Taylor Swift PLUHEESE!!