Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Late Night - Wal-Mart

You are asking, "Why in heaven's name is she starting this post with a picture of Marlboro Lights?" Well, there are 26 registers in our store and only one sells cigarettes. Last night I was the cigarette girl.

I was so clueless that people were literally saying, "Second shelf from the bottom in the green pack- the taller pack" etc. One guy did try to explain to me what "Grizzly Wintergreen" was and I explained to him that I went to college in TROY, AL and had a vast knowledge about "chewin' da-bacca", thank you very much!

I hit a wall about 10:15PM and the clock started ticking slower and slower. When I got home (at 11:10PM) I looked like this:

Actually, I should say I FELT like this - I still had my make-up on at the store (thank heavens).

Tonight is another 6-11PM night.


Allison said...

you are an allstar!! I would be so clueless too!! saw your mom today for a second! i just love her!

Tracie said...

How about we say a little prayer for you this evening? You are such an amazing woman!

Allison said...

You are a champ! Your eyes look so tired in the picture. Hope tonight is super fun and flies by for you!

amy said...

so amazed by you. praying that you have a good night!

Melanie said...

You are a trooper, Becky! Praying for you right now (as you're in the middle of your shift). You'll catch on!

Nicole said...

Everyone is so focused on saying what a stud you are that they forgot to rebuke you for the showing way too much cleavage cigarette lady. :)
Love ya.