Monday, April 14, 2008

Reality Check

I was asked to be "President Elect" of our Women's Council at church. I am really so excited but it's also funny to me. I just don't feel old enough to be "President Elect" of anything! I often go through my day laughing inwardly that I have three children! How did that happen? (you know what I mean) Just yesterday (wasn't it?) I was staying up till 2AM at Waffle House, and flying off to Chicago for a long weekend, and, and, and.

Well, somehow and at some point I grew up. And I have proof.
This is me with Bubba at the vehicle fair this weekend. Now, you would think that me in a photo with my second born would be a wake-up call, but do you see the real reality check?? You don't even have to look hard.

President Elect? Where do I sign?


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

You are hilarious! I would never have noticed until you pointed it out! I love your posts! I can always count on a good laugh! :)

erika said...

WEAR IT PROUD, girl. :)

Sarah said...

Embrace that gray, girl! I got my first grays at age...18!!! Can you believe that crazy nonsense?? I was a freshman in college, for pete's sake. Since, especially in the last 3-4 years, more and more grays have sprouted out of my scalp. (is that what seminary does to wives?!)

And BTW, we have that exact same plastic fireman hat in our dress-up bin...Calvin got it when the firemen came to his preschool.

annaj said...


~Mad said...

...and once they start, watch out! Considering you mom and dad - you have a future of gray hairs!
Be proud - you earned every one of them!

Dave said...

I'd shave my head if I were you.